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icon Ina backup tool (inadl)

License: MIT Go Report Card

Ina backup tool is written in Go
Current version 0.0.2 (03/2021)


Inadl is a simple backup downloader tools for
It's working properly for direct video url like :


Other URL support coming soon


Go to and select a video.
Copy and paste URL, select an output directory and click on Download button. That's it.



Download latest executable:


Install with Go:
go get -v

Build on Windows:

windres -o main-res.syso windows/main.rc
go build .


When I should use this program ?

  • Bad Internet connections
  • No Internet connections (Travelling ?)
  • Poor power or Old computer

Why Ina ?

  • My computer is old and is very slow on it
  • don't provide any possibility for a local usage of there video
  • The content of is historical and made with the French population taxes


This program is for personal use only. You alone have the responsability for any usage which could be against privacy policy.

Tous droits de reproduction et de diffusion réservés © 2018 Institut national de l'audiovisuel
Ina - Institut national de l'audiovisuel, 4 avenue de l'Europe - 94366 Bry-sur-Marne cedex