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A tiny compiler bench

For build Go binary, you have 3 famous compiler. Official go compiler, GCC-GO from GNU project and TinyGo based on LLVM (and intended for use in "small places")

This bench try to show 3 point:

  • Faster to build
  • Smallest binary
  • Binary performaces

Lets Go ...

Gopher image Gopher image by [Renee French][rf], licensed under [Creative Commons 3.0 Attributions license][cc3-by].

Bench table

Type Info
Uname Linux Arrakis 5.4.72-1-lts #1 SMP Sat, 17 Oct 2020 13:30:57 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux
CPU model Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8559U CPU @ 2.70GHz
Memory info 32GiB 2400MHz
Storage drive NVMe Samsung SSD 970 PRO 512GB


For GCC-GO build, i replace my Go install by GCC-GO

Name Version
GCC-GO go1.14.4 gccgo (GCC) 10.2.0
TinyGo 0.15.0
Official Go go1.15.4


ST is for Statically linked
O2 is for optimisation level

Bench test are run with perf stat Performance analysis tools for Linux hi is built in to linux kernel tree, so this is probably a good tool to bench ...
Build Bench are manualy runing, result can be found on bench_build.txt
Bench is runing by and result are redirected to bench_run.txt
You can find all RAW result on /doc/result

Build time / size

Name Size
bench_go 2.1M
bench_gccgo 66K
bench_gccgo_STO2 6.8M
bench_tinygo 361K
Compiler CMD Time Status
Official Go go build -o bench_go -a 1.568412597 sec
GCC-GO gccgo main.go -o bench_gccgo 0.170248385 sec
GCC-GO STO2 gccgo -static -O2 main.go -o bench_gccgo 1.034481239 sec
TinyGo tinygo build -o bench_tinygo 101.191178031 sec

Local run time

For this part, whe see 'internal bench' for checking 4 hard cases, all case are tested multiple times.

Time counting is done with this code:

type intime struct {
	start    time.Time
	stop     time.Time
	duration time.Duration

func (i *intime) Start() {
	i.start = time.Now()

func (i *intime) Stop() {
	i.stop = time.Now()
	i.duration = i.stop.Sub(i.start)
Compiler Time Status
Official Go 509.82006 ms
GCC-GO 632.843018 ms
GCC-GO STO2 1.006531426 sec
TinyGo 399.317119 ms
[Map] A very big map
Compiler Time Status
Official Go 303.527414 ms
GCC-GO 406.668759 ms
GCC-GO STO2 444.171902 ms
TinyGo 2h 42m 55.416901711 sec
[Str] string concatenation
Compiler Time Status
Official Go 4.221176024 sec
GCC-GO 2.944123142 sec
GCC-GO STO2 7.969823537 sec
TinyGo 3m 29.684675044 sec
[Loop] Loop managing
Compiler Time Status
Official Go 3.519736744 sec
GCC-GO 9.281379494 sec
GCC-GO STO2 245 ns
TinyGo 457.010533 ms

Total execution time

Compiler Time Status
Official Go 8.562514977 sec
GCC-GO 13.320942949 sec
GCC-GO STO2 9.436250825 sec
TinyGo 9986.216965017 ms