ArteNDL is a simple and native video downloader tools for Arte replay website.
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Arte logo ArteNatifDownLoader (ArteNDL)

Arte Natif DownLoader is writed on C
Current version is 1.1 (07/2017)


ArteNDL is a simple and native video downloader tools for Arte replay website.
It's working properly for other Arte video content, but i didn't try everything.

You can also use it like streamer view with mpv, vlc, or whatever.


Go to and choose you'r video.
On video url (, take the video ID 051058-000-A.

For view quality, language and infos:

$ ./ArteNDL -a 051058-000-A (-l <language|fr(default)/de/en>)


Title: Room 237
Vid Time (mn): 99
Time up: 10/07/2017 03:00:00 +0000
Description: Sorti en 1980, "Shining", de Stanley Kubrick est devenu rapidement un classique du cinéma d'épouvante. Il a toujours été l'objet de théories plus ou moins farfelues sur de réels ou prétendus messages cachés qu'il véhiculerait. Ce documentaire croustillant les explore...

HTTPS_MP4_MQ_2: Allemand (Doublé)
HTTPS_MP4_EQ_2: Allemand (Doublé)
HTTPS_MP4_HQ_2: Allemand (Doublé)
HTTPS_MP4_SQ_2: Allemand (Doublé)
HTTPS_MP4_MQ_1: Français (Doublé)
HTTPS_MP4_HQ_1: Français (Doublé)
HTTPS_MP4_EQ_1: Français (Doublé)
HTTPS_MP4_SQ_1: Français (Doublé)

Milia hominum frui culturae, gratias ARTE.

Chose quality:

High: ____SQ
Standard: EQ
Low: ____HQ

Download or stream and let's go:
ArteNDL -a [video id] -q [quality/language id] -s [play on]

$ ./ArteNDL -a 053986-001-A -q HTTP_MP4_MQ_1 -s mpv

Print help:

$ ./ArteNDL -h;


Lib required: json-c, curl;

Clone repository, or download ArteNDL.c

Compilation: $ gcc ArteNDL.c -lcurl -ljson-c -o ArteNDL
Tested on: Gnu/Linux [32/64bit] and OpenBSD 5.1+

⁉️ FAQ

When I should use this program ?

  • Bad Internet connections
  • No Internet connections (Travelling ?)
  • Poor power or Old computer

You can download videos to later, or stream in a lite video player =D

Why Arte ?

  • I like Arte this is my favorite channel
  • But, my computer is too old (2001) to look
  • And I don't have a TV !


This program is for personal use only. You alone have the responsability for any usage which could be against ARTE privacy policy.

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Tous droits de reproduction et de diffusion réservés © 2017 ARTE G.E.I.E.
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