Surveillance du statut de services en ligne
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Teeny Weeny status checker.

Xavier isn’t a simple guy, but the X-Men leader ! With Cerebro, he can watch all your X-services, check their http status, and when something fails… he uses psychic energy to execute some prepared X-request.

🛃 Usage

Can be use with none, one or two args.

  • First arg is for HTML output OR -h (print help)
  • Second arg for url list path Exemple ./ /x-mansion/x-services.html /x-mansion/cerebro.list

By default, when no one arg is given ${root}/status.html and ${root}/url.list are used.

🛂 url.list

Each line is a tested url, composed like STATUS:URL[:PORT]:

  • Expected HTTP status (if not = fail)
  • Service url or ip
  • Can be add port like :8080

Except all lines prefixed by # **OR **%

  • # is for comments
  • % is for commands when a check fail