Yapla API 2.0
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Support Yapla API 2.0
Official documentation available here

Getting Started


No extra dependency are needed

Go mod

To get a specific release version use @<tag> in your go get command.

go get git.iglou.eu/Production/go-yapla@v0.0.1

Or @latest to get the latest repository change

go get git.iglou.eu/Production/go-yapla@latest

Quick Example

This example shows a complete working Go file which will login a member and showing their information map

package main

import (


func main() {
    // Create a new required instance
    // Need to provide a valid Yapla API Key 
    // You can overwrite default configuration
    // For this provide an extra argument like
    // yapla.Config{...}
	y, err := yapla.NewSession("HP1ST252NFKX6Z6RVJ4RKEU23WS2QXSTQHTVYA1JAFWYX306")
	if err != nil {

    // Login a Yapla member of your organisation
    // Need "only" user email and user password
    // Return a struct with the API reply state and data on map format
    // LoginContact() function is also avilable
	yRep, err := y.LoginMember("moncompte@macompagnie.com", "monp4ssW0R4!")
	if err != nil {