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📋 Listea - A task List viewer with a cup of tea

Go Report Card License: MIT


Listea work with Gitea API and GTK (systray)
Listea is a simple tickets/task viewer on 'notification area'


A config file is created at first run See sample file

Windows %APPDATA%\listea\config.json
Mac Os ${HOME}/Library/Application Support/listea/config.json
Unix Like ${HOME}/.config/listea/config.json or ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/listea/config.json

On config file

api_url https://<YOUR_GITEA_INSTACE_DNS>/api/v1
api_token Any Gitea API key token type
list List of all API request

Each 'list' instances are composed by

api_request You can use GET type listing ​/repos​/issues​/search and ​/repos​/{owner}​/{repo}​/issues
query_key Any Parameters like on Official Swagger/Doc


Install with make make install (Build at same time)
First run create an empty config file at ~/.config/listea/config


How do you pronounce Listea ?
Listea is pronounced /liːz’ti:/ as in "lis-tea"..


This project is licensed under the MIT License.
See the LICENSE file for the full license text.


Tray icon
Tray Open menu