Migrate the package to github

Due to replacement of "go get" by "go install"
The "replace" directive is no longer supported
So, for ensure project availability, I migrate on github

Signed-off-by: Adrien Kara <adrien@iglou.eu>
Adrien Kara 7 months ago
parent 095902fa93
commit d62667c9a7
Signed by: adrien
GPG Key ID: 605B69551C56DB62
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@ -20,21 +20,14 @@ I know Regex, but this is a big part, and it is slow (even prepared regex) ...
I know Glob, but most of the time, I only need simple wildcard matching.
## How to
For using GitHub repo
Using GitHub repo
go mod edit -replace git.iglou.eu/Imported/go-wildcard=github.com/IGLOU-EU/go-wildcard@latest
go get git.iglou.eu/Imported/go-wildcard@latest
From selfhosted (I can't warranty the availability)
go get git.iglou.eu/Imported/go-wildcard@latest
go get github.com/IGLOU-EU/go-wildcard@latest
## Quick Example
This example shows a Go file which pattern matching ...
You can use the Github repos to `github.com/IGLOU-EU/go-wildcard`
package main
@ -42,7 +35,7 @@ import (
wildcard "git.iglou.eu/Imported/go-wildcard"
wildcard "github.com/IGLOU-EU/go-wildcard"
func main() {

@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
module git.iglou.eu/Imported/go-wildcard
module github.com/IGLOU-EU/go-wildcard
go 1.16